Product Videos

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Product Videos that I recommend:

💻 Agile
Being Agile about Architecture – Joseph Yoder

💻 Culture
How Netflix Built a World-Class Culture – Gibson Biddle

💻 Product
EMPOWERED – Achieving Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People – Marty Cagan
Product Culture Eats Execution Culture – Bruce McCarthy

💻 Product Management
Escaping the Build Trap – Melissa Perri
The 5 Product Management Personas and How to Hire Them – Jason Shen

💻 Product Leadership
Product Leadership – Marty Cagan
How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek

💻 Product Ops
What is Product Operations – Beck Flint and Denise Tilles
Getting Started with Product Operations – Melissa Perri
Product Ops – Eduardo Magalhães e Mayara Barros
The Rise of Product Ops

💻 Product Discovery
Introduction to Modern Product Discovery – Teresa Torres
Product Discovery Planning – Erica Briones