• NEON 🦄

    (Jul/22 – Present)

    Agile Manager
    Responsible for managing the agile structure of two Business Units:
    – Cash In and Financial Management;
    – Personal Credit and Insurance.

    Also responsible for executing actions for Neon’s Agile Center of Excellence such as portfolio management.


    (Jan/23 – Present)

    Community Manager
    The purpose of the community is to connect people from Brazilian technology companies to share experiences about Product Operations.


    (Mar/22 – Present)

    Invited Teacher
    Invited teacher and creator of the Continuous Improvement track of Agile Practices training.

    The purpose of the track is to develop practices and processes that drive agile teams towards continuous customer-centric value delivery with content for:
    – Understand Lean Thinking;
    – Know practices of continuous and retrospective improvement;
    – Assess the impact of team improvements on the business, on product quality and on the organization’s culture.


    (Jan/22 – Present)

    Board Member
    Responsible for offering support and guidance to people in the community who have ideas that contribute to the growth, expansion and evolution of the Brazilian agile community. Agile Alliance Brazil is a non-profit association that supports the Agile Brazil conference and make actions to promote agility in Brazil.


    (Feb/21 – Jul/22)

    Agile Chapter Lead
    (Mar/22 – Jul/22)
    Responsible for leading the Agile Chapter in the organization.

    Agile Chapter Lead (Technology, Products and Functionals)
    (Oct/21 – Mar/22)
    Responsible for supporting Agile Coaches in the context of the Technology and Product vice-presidency and in the organization’s functional areas.

    Agile Coach
    (Feb/21 – Oct/21)
    Responsible for enabling agility in the organization and boost the actions of the business unity Store and the User Research area.


    (Aug/20 – Dec/21)

    One of those responsible for organizing the community events and carrying out actions to engage the participating of women interested in the agile culture.

  • JOTA

    (Jan/20 – Jan/21)

    Agile Coach
    (Jan/21 – Jan/21)
    Responsible for organizing the Business Agility strategy in the organizational sphere.

    Scrum Master
    (Jan/20 – Jan/21)
    Responsible for leading multidisciplinary teams and structuring agile processes and practices with Scrum and Kanban, removing impediments by ensuring the rhythm of the workflow and deliveries from the Discovery stages – with the Products team – to Delivery – with the Development teams Content, Data, Design, Marketing and Technology.


    (Jun/19 – Jan/20)

    Project Manager
    Responsible for managing global technology initiatives at the Mapfre client with the business areas in all phases of the project life cycle (initiation, planning, execution, implementation and closure) in the Project Management Office structure.


    (Apr/18 – Jun/19)

    Project Manager
    – Responsible for the integration between the IT, Testing and Business areas in the UNO Program (merger of the companies Claro, NET and Embratel);
    – Support to business teams throughout the implementation cycle of new systems improvements, from the scope, deployment and Operation stage;
    – Monitoring of IT and Testing deliveries for the Business areas;
    – Participation in executive meetings and responsible for monitoring projects with stakeholders and the Board.


    (Apr/13 – Mar/18)

    Project Coordinator
    Responsible for the management and implementation of free software technological solutions in the areas of education, culture and technology. The initiatives took place in partnership with Instituto TIM, Unicef, the Ministry of Culture and other municipalities and states in Brazil.


    (Mar/11 – Apr/13)

    (Nov/12 – Apr/13)
    Responsible for implementing SAP BI/BW/BO solutions in large consulting clients. Management of processes, stakeholders, methodologies and analysis of project risks and opportunities.

    Business Intelligence Consultant
    (Mar/11 – Jan/13)
    Responsible for supporting the Senior Business Intelligence consultancy in all activities related to the SAP project.

In addition to the professional experience, I also have some certifications:

✓ Kanban University: Kanban Coaching Professional
✓ Kanban University: Kanban Management Professional (KMP I and II)
✓ Flight Levels Academy: Flight Levels Systems Architecture
✓ Kanban University: Fit For Purpose (F4P)
✓ Kanban University: Customer Experience Professional
✓ K21: Certified Exponential Leader
✓ PM3: Product Leadership
✓ PM3: Product Management
✓ Software Zen: Systems Thinking & Practices
✓ Software Zen: Software Zen & the Art of Management
✓ Software Zen: Metrics for Organizational Agility
✓ Software Zen: Business Agility in Practice
✓ Software Zen: Agile Coaching DNA
✓ Software Zen: Unified Flow
✓ Target Teal: Systems Thinking and Complexity
✓ Scrum Org: Professional Scrum Master I
✓ Agile Institute Brazil: Professional Agile Coach Certified Expert – PACC Expert
✓ Management 3.0
✓ Caroli Org: Facilitator of Lean Inception
✓ K21: OKRs Foundations
✓ University of California: Managing as Coach
✓ University of Virginia: Digital Product Management
✓ IBM: Enterprise Design Thinking