The product and agile community plays a very important role in my life. I love to share knowledge and learn daily with the people who are part of. Here are the initiatives that I voluntarily take part in.

  • Product Operations Brazil

    Community Manager of the Product Operations Brazil. The purpose of the community is to connect people from Brazilian technology companies to share experiences about Product Operations.

    Site | Slack

  • Agile Brazil

    Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion responsible for leading the committee whose purpose is to organize, monitor and define activities related to diversity, inclusion and accessibility within the organization and for the event.

  • Agile Alliance Brazil

    Board Member responsible for offering support and guidance to people in the community who have ideas that contribute to the growth, expansion and evolution of the Brazilian agile community. Agile Alliance Brazil is a non-profit association that supports the Agile Brazil conference and make actions to promote agility in Brazil.

  • Podcast Segue o Flow

    Season 2 guest to share knowledge about the reading of Donella Meadow’s “Thinking in Systems” book.

  • Podcast Agile Girls

    Founder and Host of the podcast that aims to share content from diverse women who work in the agility ecosystem and who are committed to making the community better for all people.