About me

My story with agility came after a great deal of discontent in the world of traditional project management between 2011 and early 2013. In addition to being in a mostly male technology context, I had no support for my professional growth, let alone, a healthy environment for knowledge exchange.

Still in 2013, I decided to do a second degree in Cultural Production while taking Theater classes. This initiative of mine opened a new world closely linked to creativity. Then, I ended up working at a communication agency that created free software projects involving culture and education.

IV Meeting of Developers and III of Developers of the Mapas Culturais project, promoted by the São Paulo State Department of Culture, Instituto TIM and the Ministry of Culture.

That was the moment when agility came into my life and I realized the power of a network of developers and managers being aligned in the same purpose. In this challenge I had the opportunity to participate in the creation of great products with UNICEF, the Ministry of Culture, governments and city halls of Brazil.

Launch of the Busca Ativa Escolar platform in Brasília with UNICEF.

I started to study a lot about systems thinking, situational leadership, frameworks and the importance of the user being at the center of the business. After 5 years at this agency, I decided to return to work in technology consulting and worked for large companies such as Claro, NET, Embratel and Mapfre Seguros.

Part of the UNO Program team that worked to implement the new systems architecture of Claro, NET and Embratel in the city of Chapecó/SC.

In early 2020, I accepted a challenge to go to a journalism and technology startup and pull the Business Agility actions. This experience allowed me to work with several areas, in addition to Technology and Products, connecting the value stream and the customer journey.

From the beginning of 2021 until 2022 I worked at PicPay with agility at an organizational level. After restructuring the area, I received the challenge of creating the Agile Chapter.

Since the beginning of july 2022 I have been working at Neon. From June/22 to February/23 I was responsible for managing the agile structure of two Business Units: Cash In and Financial Management and Lending & Insurance. Also responsible for executing actions for Neon’s Agile Center of Excellence such as portfolio management.

Agile Immersion Day with the presence of Pedro Conrade, CEO of Neon.

Since February/23, I became responsible for two pillars of Product Ops: Processes and Product Culture. I received the challenge to lead the Diversity & Inclusion actions of the Strategy Center of Excellence.

I’m very active in communities. I am the founder of the Agile Girls Podcast that aims to give visibility to women who are part of the agility ecosystem, I had the pleasure of being part of the Women Agilists community organization, I was Chair of the Tactical and Diversity & Inclusion committees of Agile Brazil 2021 and, in 2022, I am again as Chair of Diversity & Inclusion at Agile Brazil.

Agile Girls podcast is mentioned in Forbes as a reference by female entrepreneurs.

I am also part of the Product Operations Brazil community and Board of Agile Alliance Brazil, responsible for offering support and guidance to people in the community who have ideas that contribute to the growth, expansion and evolution of the Brazilian agile community.