Product Books

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Product Books that I recommend:

📚 Agile
• Doing Agile Right by Darrell Rigby
• Equipes Virtuais Ágeis by Natalia Manha
• Métricas Ágeis: Obtenha melhores resultados em sua equipe by Raphael Albino
• Rethinking Agile by Klaus Leopold
• Sprint a Sprint by Mary Provinciatto and Paulo Caroli
• The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless

📚 Innovation
• No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hastings
• Startup, Scaleup, Screwup: 42 Tools to Accelerate Lean and Agile Business Growth by Jurgen Appelo
• The Amazon Management System: The Ultimate Digital Business Engine That Creates Extraordinary Value for Both Customers and Shareholders
• The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
• The Invincible Company: How to Constantly Reinvent Your Organization with Inspiration from the World’s Best Business Models

📚 Product
• Fit for Purpose: How Modern Businesses Find, Satisfy, & Keep Customers by David J. Anderson, Alexei Zheglov
• Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love by Marty Cagan
• Lean Inception by Paulo Caroli
• User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product by Jeff Patton

📚 Product Strategy
• Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age by Roman Pichler

📚 Product Management
• Escaping the Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value by Melissa Perri

📚 Product Leadership
• Radical Candor by Kim Scott
• The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni
• The Leadership Pipeline by Ram Charan

📚 Product Discovery
• Continuous Discovery Habits: Discover Products that Create Customer Value and Business Value by Teresa Torres
• Design Thinking by Tim Brown
• Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days by Jake Knapp
• O Produto Ágil: Product Discovery by Andressa Chiara
• O Produto Ágil: Testando Hipóteses by Andressa Chiara

📚 Product Ops
• Product Operations – The Secret To Scaling Product Teams For Growth by Melissa Perri and Denise Tilles
• Product Operations Pillars – Connet and organise your team to deliver customer value by Simon Hilton

📚 Tools
• Measure What Matters by John Doerr
• Product Roadmaps Relaunched: How to Set Direction while Embracing Uncertainty
• OKRs and Business Strategy for Transformation by Andressa Chiara